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Stitch Octopus creates modern cross stitch kits that make it easy to express creativity and disconnect from the digital world.

Looking for a cohesive, consistent, and functional packaging design, she approached me to come up with a solution that would simplify and modernize her approach while also saving money.

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When I started working with her, the brand’s name was Blue Octopus while Stitch Octopus was used for social media channels and the URL. We rebranded to Stitch Octopus to maintain consistency and retained the blue octopus as a symbol that was meaningful to the founder. To accompany the change, I revised the identity to better portray the brand’s personality.


Before hiring me, she used a hodgepodge of packaging forms including bags, boxes, and sleeves combined with multiple textures, colors, and patterns that had no consistency across her product line.

I wanted to find a solution that could fit any kit size without excess packing material. The end product had to work for both brick-and-mortar retail and e-commerce shipping and not require large minimum orders in order to fit her constraints as a small, growing business.


We partnered with an eco-friendly packaging company that offered shallow boxes in perfect sizes for each kit with a low enough minimum order requirement to start small.

We also worked with a local, woman-owned printshop for the booklets which aligns with Stitch Octopus' business values.


By designing stickers and stamps to go on each package, I saved the need for custom printing and allowed for scalability. The design also left room for individual customization, like changing up the tape used within the booklet.


Responsibility Highlights

· All materials used were 100% recycled content and are compostable or recyclable at end-of-life, including stickers and tape.

· The flexibility of the packaging allows Stitch Octopus’ owner to put her time and resources toward new designs, since each additional design uses existing materials.

· Chose a local, woman-owned printshop keep with Stitch Octopus’ values of supporting other female-led businesses.

Brands Doing Good

· Stitch Octopus supports women entrepreneurs and vendors whenever possible.

· Committed to avoiding plastic in products and packaging to keep it out of our waste stream and oceans.