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Vessel Drinkware is a Seattle-based company specializing in stylish reusable drinkware.

After building their business on custom branded drinkware for cafes and businesses, I was hired to develop a retail line and accompanying identity.

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 3.48.21 PM.png

The new identity allowed the custom illustrations on each product to stand out. Because it would appear in a variety of sizes, colors, and applications, the logo needed to be simple and readable.


As I crafted my vision, I thought of the brand identity as the gallery wall that displays the artwork. The identity was there to support the personality of each piece and let the art do the talking.


After directing and collaborating with illustrators and designers, we launched a new, highly-flexible and modern brand identity along with custom drinkware designs and sales materials. The company went from primarily customer-branded promotional products, to a complete retail line and customers thrilled to co-brand with the oneVessel logo next to their own.


Responsibility Highlights

· Helped reduce the use of disposable containers by appealing to customers who wanted to make a statement through the design on their drinkware rather than purely for sustainability reasons.

· By opting for branded cards and tags rather than full retail packaging, we extended the life of the protective packaging from the manufacturer and reduced excess materials and expenses.


Projects completed during my time as Creative Director at Vessel Drinkware.