Identity | Print


Cloudbridge is a nature reserve in Costa Rica dedicated to the conservation and reforestation of the cloudforest.

From the beginning, I identified Cloudbridge’s need for a cohesive, simplified, and amplified brand message. They had a great story to tell—with plenty of information to share—but much of it was too overwhelming to read.


The identity is what brings the brand and their mission to life. I was inspired by both their mission and the name of the reserve and wanted to find a way to illustrate that in a playful and simple manner.


This resulted in a logo which may be viewed as either the top of a tree or the shape of a cloud. When it came to the colors and primary graphic, I wanted to give the sense of gazing through the clouds.


For the print materials, I focused on finding solutions that fit with their mission of saving the forest. I opted for uncoated paper made in Costa Rica out of banana plant waste and reduced trim waste by designing layouts that don’t print to the edges.


Responsibility Highlights

· Prioritized sustainability and stayed consistent with the brand mission by using paper made from diverted local waste materials.

· By creating a suitable identity and featuring interesting bits of their extensive research I made their work accessible to the everyday person, increasing their audience and potential donor pool.


Project completed as an exploration into sustainable design and was not implemented by the organization.