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Bikesaverz specializes in indoor cycling solutions for amateur and pro cyclists.

Looking for a way to stand out as a premium product, Bikesaverz hired me to create a professional identity for both their primary brand and first product.

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Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 3.48.21 PM.png

Considering the target market, I aimed to create a brand that was bold, masculine, and appealing to those who take the sport seriously. This was a premium product and needed to be marketed that way.


Beyond The Brand: Assisting with Product Development

As a new product entering the cycling market, Bikesaverz asked for my input as they created something simple, sleek, and customizable to customer’s bikes.


I standardized prototype testing by creating questionnaires and guiding the company on getting unbiased feedback on the product.

I also helped with the physical design of the product by providing suggestions on usability, materials, and production techniques.


As Bikesavers developed their first product, they were inspired by the fact it looked like a cobra’s head. As such, I designed a mark that contained three layers of symbolism: the mark on a cobra’s hood, the bike handlebars, and the CC for “Cobra Cover”.


Sustainability Highlights

· Reduced material waste during production by about 30% with minor design changes and trim layout.

· Developing a premium edition for their next iteration by sourcing retired billboard vinyl which makes every cover unique while also diverting the material from the landfill.