Hi, I’m Ashley.

I started Common Matter to pursue my passion of helping small businesses and creatives do good while doing what they love.

I have over 12 years of experience designing brand identities, print materials, packaging, merchandise, and more. I’ve studied under sustainability experts and worked with various small businesses which gave me an understanding of the constraints and challenges you face on a daily basis. 

With this, I can advise you on the right solutions to your unique challenges. We’ll come up with creative strategies to meet your goals while also considering the responsibility of the design.


Making an impact through design. 

While working my way through my career I served as Design for Good Director for AIGA Seattle. My experience helping creatives use their skills for good convinced me to commit to my passion for ethical graphic design.

As an amateur maker I have an immense appreciation for people who take their craft seriously and pursue it with passion. I’ve always valued handcrafted and well-made home goods, furniture and gear that is made not only to last but get better with time.




Design with purpose to create lasting solutions.


Look at the whole to better understand the parts.


Create solutions that are feasible and functional.


Meet the needs of the project at hand while considering the future.


Share insights and resources to change the world for the better.


We have one earth, one life, one choice.

Every day, more things are being produced by oblivious designers and manufacturers that are harmful to our environment.

As our clients’ brands grow, their footprint will too. Our mission is to reduce that impact and be an advocate for change.

Are you a designer interested in learning how?

Contact us.