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501 Commons provides expertise and services to help nonprofits thrive and better serve their community.

Techtacular is an annual networking event hosted by 501 Commons. Designed to be a fun no-pressure fundraiser, Techtacular brings together technology, nonprofits, and some of the most talented people in tech.

Every year, the event is hosted under a different theme ranging from steampunk to “Tweets, Beats, & Haiku.” In 2016 they featured ZaptheGap, their new campaign designed to improve nonprofits' access to technology.

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Techtacular has struggled with a lack of cohesiveness and brand consistency year over year. As such, 501 Commons hired me to come up with a professional identity that would last. The brand had to be tech-oriented, consistent, and let each year’s personality shine.


I created a custom typeface that kept Techtacular neutral, allowing each year’s theme to be included without becoming overwhelming. With this layout, 501 Commons is able to design the yearly theme in-house while maintaining a consistent brand identity.


For their ZaptheGap campaign I wanted to convey a sense of electricity while keeping it simple and modern. This resulted in a clear and professional logo that alludes to the broad range of technology-based assistance and support they offer.


Project Highlights

· As a non-profit who serves other non-profits, it was financially important for them to have an identity that lasts year-after-year.